Art Advisory



The International Art Advisory team’s strength is our innovative approach to art: we are capable to deliver the client’s long-term investment goals, meet their aesthetic preferences and offer a reliable financial guideline at the international level.

Specializing in modern and contemporary art from Europe, Asia, North and South America, and UAE, BeAdvisors Art Department presents an advisory model strongly passionate and solid as an art collecting guide for our clients through art investment.

We provide expert advice through rigorous research with our acquisition specialists and network organizations. The International network of art dealers and top art galleries affords strategic collecting advice established on research, expertise and market analysis of modern and contemporary art.





Private, Corporate or Museum

  • Building corporate collections to varied budgets with brand vision

  • Identifying and sourcing global acquisition opportunities at fair market value

  • Transparent fee structures and procedures

  • Auction representation


Private, Corporate or Museum

  • Assisting with auction sales and private treaty sales

  • Identifying the best channels and the best time for sale to maximize investment

  • Negotiating exclusive private sales


Private, Corporate or Museum

  • Providing advanced cataloging and inventory management solutions for private and corporate collectors

  • Providing philanthropic advice – from advising on donations and museum loans to the establishment of personal foundations/museums

  • Advice on insurance and security requirements

  • Offering advice on conservation, framing, and installation