Art Advisory

Advice to buyers & sellers

BeAdvisors advises collectors across the entire spectrum of the international art market. Whether a collector is looking to sell works from her/his collection, or buy primary or secondary market artworks, we can assist her/him step by step.

Our extensive global network and in-depth knowledge of the market allow us to match artworks with the right buyers and sellers around the world, in a timely and discreet manner.
We pride ourselves of providing extensive due diligence and market analysis of every artwork we offer or acquire on behalf of our clients. Together with you we will evaluate all available buying and selling options and their implications, finding the right moment to buy, to hold and to sell.

From the initial appraisal or curation to final shipping arrangements, insurance or export licenses, we will take care of everything with your privacy in mind.



  • Private sale & auction negotiations
  • Pre-sale and post-sale management and logistics
  • Collection audits and valuations
  • Legal & taxation advice
  • Reports & insight
  • Art fair guidance
  • Sourcing specific works of art