Art Trust

One of every collector’s recurring thoughts is certainly to identify the best strategy for preserving and adding value to their collection. At the same time, this is also one of the most complicated and crucial aspects of an efficient estate planning.

The main drivers leading to the creation of an Art Trust are to protect the family and its assets from external aggressions, while considering generational transfer strategies that can reduce, eliminate or postpone tax payments. For this, an art collector needs a tool that at the same time enables to:

  • Offer an organized and unified management solution for the collection
  • Protect the total value of the art collection from being diluted
  • Add value to the collection through loans and exhibitions
  • Protect the artistic patrimony from external aggressions
  • Efficiently manage the planning of an estate
  • Maintain intact family’s reputation and prestige
  • Serve as a vehicle for patronage and philanthropic activities

An Art Trust is currently the most flexible and efficient tool to answer to all of these needs organically.

BeAdvisors not only includes a team of lawyers, accountants, and trust experts, but also boasts an in-house art advisory. This makes our offering unrivaled, unique and competent, as we are able to directly handle all matters pertaining to the art trust and its management.

BeAdvisors Art Trust services include:

  • Strategic analysis of the collector in terms of estate planning and generational transfer
  • Assistance in drafting the deed constituting a trust
  • Assistance in the creation of the Scientific Committee supporting the trust
  • Ongoing consultancy support on the trust and its development