Corporate Art Services

Beadvisors is firmly rooted in the Tax & Legal environment, which allows us to better comprehend the needs of corporate clients, whether this consists in acquiring artworks or in devising corporate responsibility plans to include art.

We believe that art should go beyond its simple exhibiting function but should serve educative and engaging purposes. For this, we organize programs and experiences for those clients who were looking to make the most of their artistic investment.
Art can engage staff, attract the best talent for the company, foster creativity and even increase productivity.


Corporate social responsibility programmes

We support our clients’ CSR programs as we are as well committed to supporting art in all its forms. We help companies in channeling philanthropic activities through their
contribution to art projects worldwide and through our partner BeART and its crowdfunding platform dedicated to art.

We offer professional advice to companies will to finance research projects that commit to improving the presence and visibility of young and emerging artists.

Our focus is also on those projects that benefit independent and artist-run spaces and artist residencies: the projects receiving funding demonstrate significant potential to make a difference to the lives of those involved.


Corporate cultural marketing

We are capable to support companies in the process of defining the best strategies aimed at reaching an active and positive presence in the contemporary art world through financing and sponsoring art projects. We work directly with artists, art galleries and art institutions to help in designing marketing campaigns that engage art lovers and those willing to support the production of new artworks. We are committed to delivering tools able to enhance the identity and marketing activities of our clients such as corporate hospitality in art venues, networking activities improving the connections in the art industry and special projects such as fellowship programs and guided tours to galleries,
museums and art fairs.




  • Creation of corporate responsibility programs
  • Developing arts and cultural partnerships
  • Art rental and leasing
  • Art commissioning
  • Designing programmes, tours and educational activities
  • Curating and managing temporary exhibitions and event programmes