Strategic consultancy

We offer strategic business advice to private and public sector entities, supporting each client’s organizational, sales and marketing needs. We help galleries promoting their brand and enhance their revenue streams, as well as advise art companies that need shaping their organization or value proposition.

Considering our varied range of experiences within art & business, at BeAdvisors we are truly and uniquely positioned to bring all these differing experiences to bear and bring significant and lasting benefits to client businesses.



Help and support in understanding what makes a commercial gallery successful, defining curatorial, commercial and marketing strategies, and help them prepare successful application to international art fairs.


Restaurants, hotels, showrooms

In the hospitality industry, a work of art can leave a lasting impression and resonate with customers on a deeper level than any other aspect of design or service.

We have a particular interest in hospitality and have worked in creating art collections and agendas for foremost hotels and restaurants.

We design bespoke programs in response to a range of hospitality needs – including themed dinners, educational events and brand positioning, according to client’s needs.



  • Strategic art business consultancy
  • Business development strategies through art -related activities
  • Lobbying
  • Support of new business sales teams
  • Financial, marketing, and curatorial support